Street Tacos

A dozen Tamales for $18 "minimum of 50 people"

Street Tacos

Street Tacos | Zendejas Mobile Taco Man - Ontario, CA

Whether you are missing the tastes of home in Mexico, or have never been south of Ontario, CA you’ll find yourself longing for the Zendejas Mobile Taco Man authentic street tacos! With so many fresh ingredients, these traditional recipes come to life. For an incredible, flavor-packed eating experience try our street tacos for your next event!

The first thing to know about real, Mexican street tacos is that they are served with corn tortillas only! This is the most traditional manner in which to have a street taco in many parts of Mexico, and adds great flavor and texture to the dish. Before serving our fresh, corn tortillas we heat them up to just the right temperature so your taco is perfectly cradled by a soft and delicious golden shell.

The next step is to add your favorite ingredients. Now, real street tacos might not have all the gringo taco trimmings, but they the elaborate recipes and fresh ingredients are so delicious they should be allowed to speak for themselves! Try favorite varieties like Carne Asada (beef), Michoacan-Style Carnitas (pork), Pollo (marinated chicken), and Tacos Al Pastor Mexican style (marinated pork).

All of our street tacos are accompanied by delicious sides like Mexican Rice and Beans, Holla Beans (no lard used), Pinto Beans, Puerco Beans (with chorizo, salsa, and onions), and Frijoles Charros (with chorizo, bacon, and chili). Have any special requests? Just ask! We’re here to make our customers happy, so be sure to inquire about any flavors you’d like to see on the menu.

Of course, delicious extras are always available to customize each and every delectable bite! Choose from options like Raja (roasted onions, jalapeños, peppers, and carrots) for $10 per event, or for $1 per head, have our full sides like quesadillas with your choice of fillings and cheese nachos. For just $2.00 per person, choose our Governor Tacos – shrimp taco appetizers.

No matter what your favorite street tacos, we’ll make sure the guests at your next Ontario, CA event don’t stop licking their fingers! Ask today about Zendejas Mobile Taco Man’s full catering packages!